Urgent Support – Information for patients

IMPORTANT: For all urgent medical needs please contact your own Doctor or Care Coordinator.

FirstClinTech provides patient support services on behalf of some of its Clients. The Client may be a device manufacturer, or else a healthcare provider such as a hospital. You will have been informed by your Doctor that this is the case. If you have not been informed by your Doctor that FirstClinTech is responsible for your support services then FirstClinTech can not provide those services to you.

If you require urgent clinical / technical support as a user of FirstClinTech-supported devices, please call:

+44 132 386 2836 (from the UK, please dial 01323 862836)

For non-urgent requests please see our contacts page for how to get in touch.

First Clinical & Technical Services does not provide support services to patients within North America. Where patients are located in North America (USA, Canada) and are unable to find the information required, you should contact the staff at the clinic which implanted the device.

FirstClinTech is grateful to receive feedback from all parts of the world, and if you are resident in North America please go ahead and e-mail us with any comments you may have. Users elsewhere in the world should contact us if you are unable to find out the information you require locally – you should normally contact the staff at the clinic which implanted the device. We may be able to provide you with alternative sources.

If you are a Medical Professional responsible for the care of patients with our client’s devices, and would like to provide feedback to FirstClinTech concerning the services we provide, please e-mail us .