Clinical Studies and R&D

Support for devices that are under development

If your medical device requires sophisticated support during clinical studies (pre-approval or post-market), FirstClinTech has the expertise you require. In addition, our experience can add significant value to your research and development, leading to improved offerings to your customers.

Clinical Studies

We would like to make one thing clear. First Clinical & Technical Services Limited  is NOT a large Clinical Research Organisation (CRO). CRO’s are the experts on many aspects of Clinical Trials and Studies which FC&TS does  not offer – for example study monitoring on a large scale. CRO’s seldom offer the dedicated support that FirstClintech specialises in. FirstClinTech staff could therefore work in partnership with a CRO – with the positive outcomes of improving results, better enrolment, and better feedback. For smaller studies, or post-approval marketing studies, FirstClintech can provide local study support working with Client staff. We can help you achieve hassle-free device accountability, traceability and vigilance.

Feedback to R&D

When your R&D team is based on another continent, it is difficult for them to obtain comprehensive feedback from the field. Early use of devices, as is typically the case in Clinical Trials, can provide invaluable sources of feedback into the design validation process. It can flag up opportunities to iterate products at an early stage. Or, it could identify specific aspects of device use that could be addressed through improvements to training or labeling – good local Clinical Specialists from FirstClinTech can bring this added value to your support offering.

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