Business Development

Resources for Manufacturers, Developers and Distributors

We can provide expert advice and services to help you achieve success in the European markets, particularly with devices used in heart failure management, cardiac surgery, thoracic and vascular surgery.

For manufacturers and developers looking to enter the European arena we can provide you with the flexibility you need to ensure that you choose the best and most cost-effective solutions.

Do you need to find a Distributor?
Should the Distributor be very strong in selling, or does the Distributor need good support services too?
Could a separate support organisation like First Clinical & Technical Services allow you to choose the Distributor who can sell your devices, without compromising on service?
Do you need an EU Authorized Representative?
Do you need to consider selling direct to European customers?

…. And many other questions that we can help you with. Just get in touch contact us and let’s work together to find solutions.

Business Development in the Mechanical Circulatory Support Market

For manufacturers stepping into the highly specialized and challenging European MCS market the choice of clinical partners – centers, Investigators, distribution, reimbursement pathways and so forth can have a profound impact on longer term success or failure. Our knowledge of the European landscape for application of such devices can be invaluable when considering where to invest precious resources. Often, the most obvious institutions may not be the ideal ones.

Team Building

We have successfully worked with Clients to help build their own team in Europe. This allows non-European firms to have their own person on the ground in Europe, backed-up by our organisation, covered for vacation and sickness periods, and provided with a “home base” of office, warehouse, logistics and creative colleagues.

Investment Activities

At FirstClinTech we are not investment professionals or advisers; however we have successfully delivered high-quality training and analysis services to Investors. These activities have been particularly welcomed by those Investors already in, or seeking to invest in, the mechanical circulatory support space. For more information please contact us.