from the Clinical Community

I have known Terry since the late 90s.  I initially recommended FirstClinTech’s services while at a previous company, and more recently contracted FirstClinTech to help conduct a first in class technology complex clinical trial requiring extensive site interaction and site support. FirstClinTech representatives did an excellent job and helped complete enrollment of the trial in a timely manner.

Jan Komtebedde, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Corvia Medical, Inc.

from the Financial Community

“We used FirstClinicTech to prepare a detailed due diligence report on a very specialist field. They produced a 70-page document to the highest standard, on time and within budget. Perhaps the highest compliment that I could pay is that the due diligence report added significantly to the portfolio company’s existing knowledge base about their own sector – it will be used as a reference document for some time to come.”

Ron Petersen, Partner, Longbow Capital LLP, London

from England

“I have worked closely with the guys (Terry and Rob) over a number of years, in the first place with Ventrassist LVAD and since November 2009 with First Clinical & Technical  Services. Their knowledge, reliability and genuine concerns for the patients living with LVAD’s ensures first class technical advice and product support whenever I need it.”

Neil Wrightson, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle Upon Tyne UK

from Germany

“I have worked with this team for many years. We are very happy to work with FirstClinTech because they are very responsive to our needs, and the needs of our patients.”

Daniela Röfe, one of the most experienced VAD Coordinators in the world

A global perspective

We were introducing our first surgical product to the European market, and having Terry and his team support us through this process was invaluable. The initial intent of engagement was to provide clinical support to the surgeons, but their experience and network was of profound value to us in many areas; they helped us build and train our field team, gain access to influential KOLs and engaged them in clinical discussions and studies. The contribution in structuring the clinical and scientific product training for customers and sales people, and driving surgeon engagement in various specialties, all the while encouraging us to maintain a single-minded focus on clinical outcomes, was a major contributor to our initial market rollout process.

Toshi Amanuma, Managing Director, 3-D Matrix, Inc.