ADF Insurance

ADF Insurance provides us with comprehensive commercial insurance including Product Liability, Professional Indemnity and other business-critical products specifically for the medical devices industry. We have been with ADF since founding FirstClinTech.

Task Management BV

Task Management BV provides comprehensive electronic service and maintenance facilities at our location in Uden (NL). Task has contracts with major medical product manufacturers to maintain equipment at base and in the field.

Van den Heuvel

Van den Heuvel is our Partner for courier, shipping, and other logistics services. We have worked for many years with Van Den Heuvel, some of whose drivers have been trained by us to deliver straight into the hands of operating room staff and even patients at home. Extremely reliable 24/7 service is the norm.

Priory Analysts

Priory Analysts provides us with advice on business solutions in regulatory affairs and quality systems.

Bayrock Medtech in North America

Bayrock Medtech Consultants
is based in California and provides support to start-ups and other medical device companies. Bayrock shares many of FirstClinTech’s values and methods. Jane Reedy, CEO of Bayrock, provides our clients with a contact point in the United States.