Terumo Heart Inc. chooses FirstClinTech

24 January 2014

Terumo Heart Inc., part of the multi-national Terumo Corporation, recently reached an agreement with FirstClinTech, through Terumo’s Vascutek Deutschland GmbH subsidiary, to have FirstClinTech provide ongoing clinical support for Duraheart patients in Europe.

Vascutek GmbH will continue to provide the technical and regulatory support to customers, working closely with FirstClinTech’s clinical specialists. The agreement covers enduring provision of support by FirstClinTech for as long as the patients remain on the Duraheart device.

Commenting on the agreement, Rob Petterson (Director, FirstClinTech) said that “We are delighted that such a prestigious and well-resourced group of companies under the Terumo umbrella has recognised the unique capabilities that FirstClinTech possesses. This agreement represents a sensible strategy by Terumo to maintain their clinical support services to their customers, whilst allowing FirstClinTech to continue building its portfolio of device manufacturers and leading clinics.

Andrew Harrison, FirstClinTech’s Director of Finance, commented “Many of our Clients are start-up companies in the early stages of development. The fact that Terumo, a 950 billion Yen market cap company is happy to contract with FirstClinTech shows that we are capable of meeting the needs of a broad range of clients”.

According to Terry McCarthy, Managing Director of FirstClinTech, the work for Duraheart recipients will be seamlessly incorporated into the current range of services for heart failure devices from a number of different Clients, “The recent addition to our team of the highly-regarded Frank Jaschke, and the existing LVAD experience enjoyed by Diana Murer and others at FirstClinTech, will ensure we can continue to complement Vascutek GmbH’s excellent customer and technical support, for the benefit of patients using this device”.