Questions & Answers about FirstClinTech

Q. What products does FirstClinTech work with?

A. FirstClinTech has developed its business model initially for devices used in cardiac surgery but has since successfully applied its innovative methods to many other specialties. Many of FirstClinTech’s services are equally valuable to manufacturers, developers and users of non-cardiac devices. We have a wide experience in the cardiac OR, heart failure and interventional cardiology, endoscopic procedures, vascular, hepatic, and other types of surgery.

Q. Does FirstClintech sell medical devices, and if not, what does it do?

A. No, we don’t sell medical devices, but we do work closely with manufacturers and distributors who do, supporting those who do sell, or who plan to sell in the future.

Q. Is FirstClintech a CRO?

A. No, we aren’t a Clinical Research Organisation, but we have worked very closely with some of the world’s finest CROs. We are complementary, working together to maximise the opportunities to achieve excellent clinical outcomes with outstanding data collection.

Q. Can FirstClinTech provide services to investors?

A. Yes – FirstClintech has provided expert advice and training sessions to existing and potential professional investors in medical device companies. However, FirstClinTech does not provide investment advice in the UK, as defined by the Financial Services Authority.

Q. Where is FirstClinTech based?

A. We are legally a limited Liability Company registered in England and Wales, No. 6824206. Our team are based around Europe.

Q. Does FirstClinTech have a 24-hour service?

A. Yes—we are available 24/7. You can contact us at any time through the 24/7 number.

Q. Why doesn’t FirstClinTech put up a list of its Clients on the web site?

A. Some of FirstClinTech’s Clients are at the development stage and prefer to remain out of the public gaze. Other Clients are large corporations who prefer to keep the relationship professional and confidential. You can find some testimonials elsewhere on this site, and we can make introductions if it helps you. Our Clients range from large global firms to start-up companies based in the USA, Japan, Australia, Taiwan and Europe.

Q. Does FirstClinTech carry appropriate insurance?

A. Yes. We carry both Product Liability and Professional Indemnity insurances appropriate to our industry.

Q. Is FirstClinTech connected with Ventracor?

A. FirstClinTech is not connected with Ventracor Ltd or any of its subsidiaries, except as the buyer of some inventory. We do, however, continue to provide clinical and technical support to ongoing recipients implanted with the VentrAssist device.

Q. How much does it cost to buy services from FirstClinTech?

A. We try to be as cost-effective as possible, as many of our clients are start-ups where cashflow control is vital. Due to the range of services we provide, the variety of different devices that FirstClinTech supports, and the many different healthcare systems found in European countries we don’t put our prices online.Please contact us to find out more.