Logistics & Workspace

We provide sophisticated logistical support to Manufacturers, Developers and Distributors of medical devices. Based in the Netherlands, our warehouse is specialized in the storage, care of and movement of your products, especially those subject to special handling such as is demanded in clinical studies.

Why is FirstClinTech located in Holland?

The province of North Brabant, where our offices and warehouse are located, offers considerable benefits to our clients. It is located in the heart of Europe’s so-called “economic banana” which encompasses a large population within strong economies. It is close to the target patient populations for many potential clients, and within a short journey time of most of the likely clinical sites our staff may work in. Skilled employees are available, and many other medical device companies are located nearby.

One factor which makes the Netherlands an excellent country for multi-national companies to work out of is the availability of multi-lingual staff. Holland is by far the best performer in Europe.

There are excellent transportation links and our facility in Uden is in reach of three major international airports. Road journeys are relatively easy and economical to most of the major population areas of Europe. Further away, for example Greece, Turkey and the Middle East, are easily serviced thanks to the expertise we have in our Logistics operation, and the close cooperation we have with our Shipping Partners.

Shipping Hazardous Materials

Tonny De Mooij, FirstClinTech’s Logistics Manager, is fully trained and experienced in
techniques and regulations for shipping hazardous materials. His experience, and that
of our regular logistics partners Van Den Heuvel mean that explanted devices will arrive
back at the manufacturer in the best possible condition, withing the most effective time period.